This private residence with an approximate 7,000 sq. ft. main house and 2,500 sq. ft. garage, workshop and guest house was constructed along the Massachusetts coastline.

The main building, with a traditional exterior appearance and modern interior open space, created major engineering design challenges with regard to stability in a high wind area. Two rigid steel framing cores were designed, which were centrally located in the interior building and tied the roof and floor framing together. This design allowed for multiple window and door openings around the perimeter of the house, one of the building’s signature architectural characteristics.

The majority of the roof and floor framing was constructed using engineered wood I-Joist rafters. Laminated engineered wood beams were designed for support of heavy loads as transfer beams.

The rock formation located near the grade allowed the use of conventional shallow concrete footings, which were more economical than the typical pile foundation used for shore houses.