Buildings are the largest source of energy consumption in the world, which explains the increasing focus on sustainability in the design or renovation process. There are different ways in which a structural engineer can shape a building’s sustainability, such as exploring and using the most efficient materials, designing buildings for scalability and reuse, or designing/analyzing the use of solar arrays or green roof systems. All of these approaches play a significant role in reducing a structure’s environmental impact.

Over the past several years, we have worked with clients on numerous solar array and green roof projects, and have developed a specific expertise in design and analysis of structures for sustainable energy management.

On the solar array front, we have specified both ballast and structural attachment approaches using a variety of systems. From residential wood and metal buildings to conventional steel framing, we have provided engineering consulting in municipal, commercial, educational and residential settings, to name a few.

As the challenge of managing storm water runoff has grown increasingly complex, we also find ourselves working with new management tools, including green roof systems. These systems represent a valuable alternative to the traditional storm water management approach, while also contributing an aesthetic value to virtually any building.

A sampling of our work in this sector includes:

  • Stockton College Solar Array
  • SkyPark Condos Green Roof
  • Quaker Bridge Plaza Solar Array
  • Onondaga County, NY Municipal Green Roof Initiative
  • Holmdel Commons Solar Array
  • GlaxoSmithKline Solar Array